Privacy Policy

Here’s our Privacy Policy, to let you know what we plan to do with any personal information you give us. Don’t worry, there’s not pages of legalese in tiny writing!

Potential Patients

If you’re not yet a patient and you contact us for information about our services, we need to process your details when we reply. We will be storing the details you enter in a digital form, and using those to send you the information you have requested. We would also like to send you the occasional marketing email or letter, letting you know about our services and any special offers. We will send no more than two such communications each month, and will keep your details on file for no more than three years. We only need your name and contact details, and we will rely on your consent for this. You have the right to withdraw consent at any later time – just let us know.


As a patient, we need personal information from you to help us to give you the best possible eye-care. We are aware that some of this will be highly confidential in nature, and will treat it accordingly, keeping it as safe as possible from prying eyes. This forms part of our contract with you, and our commitment to you as a valued customer. We will not ask for information from you that is not relevant to our provision of eye-care services to you. We will store your information for a minimum of ten years. We will contact you each year to remind you to come in for a repeat test, and up to once a month to let you know about any new services or special offers.